Re-engineering engineering

Stealth Rocket is founded by a group of passionate software engineers who built high-scale distributed systems over the years they spent together at Segment. From building cloud infrastructures to developing high-performance web services, we had to break classical computing models to satisfy the ever-growing demand for more reliability and scalability.

Despite the great leap forward that the tech industry has taken over the last decade, we believe that we still lack key primitives to unlock the next step function of technical innovation. We founded Stealth Rocket to address those problems and transform the way software engineering teams design, develop, test, monitor, and deploy distributed systems.

Meet the team

  • Achille Roussel

    Co-founder & CTO

  • Chris O'Hara

    Founding Engineer

  • Julien Fabre

    Co-founder & CEO

  • Thomas Pelletier

    Founding Engineer